April 3, 2014

Thursday morning, I wore a cute skirt, no panties, and a cute top to work. I was ovulating and horny as hell. I texted Max to see if she was with Eddie. She was.

I used my toy all throughout the morning, and it took the edge off a little. I took my hoops out on my lunch break and got off on hooping with my pantiless skirt on. Right after my lunch ended Eddie texted hey. I said hey and told him it was a shame he had been with Max all morning cause I had the perfect outfit on. He wanted pics and I happily obliged.

He had finally gotten his own place a couple weeks before, but Max was pretty much always with him. They have the same days off work and she keeps him on a very tight leash. She deep down knows the dog he is, though that’s what I like about him. He said he wanted to get me in his bed and have me squirt all over his face.

Finally, that afternoon he said she was going to be leaving for awhile. I asked when and for how long. He said around 5:30 and for long enough. I said get her out by 5 and I can stop on my way home, but that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to. He said he would.

I got to his place about five minutes after Max left and we went inside. We kissed for a minute and he took his shoes off. I started to take my boots off and he said “no, leave them on.” I grinned and said ok. He said “that skirt..those boots…and my face in your pussy. I’m gonna go wash my hands” I said anything your little heart desires and draped my hands around his neck. We kissed for a few minutes, then he went and washed his hands.

He had me go to the couch, but stand there as he went down on me. After a minute or so, he told me to sit. He used his tongue and fingers and it felt the best any oral ever has. I wasn’t orgasming though and he started to get impatient. He asked what he needed to do. I (through breathless pants) told him he was doing an amazing job, and that it was feeling so good, but that I’ve never been able to get off by oral alone. Had he kept going, I probably would have though. It felt damn good.

All of the sudden the whole scene froze in my mind. Complete déjà vu moment. I had lived the exact moment in a dream or something, but it was the exact scene. Really freaky. I said Whoah…déjà vu. He said what, are we gonna get caught?? I said no…I’ve lived this moment..in a dream or something. Then I pulled his head back into me.

He kept up for another minute, then I told him he could grab my toy. I used it, as he kept going and I finally did have some orgasms. They weren’t as strong as I usually do at home, but I was nervous and a little uncomfortable on that couch. It seemed to satisfy him though and he stopped the oral and started fucking me but wanted me to keep using the toy. He held it for as long as he could (which wasn’t long) before pulling out and cumming all over my belly.

We cleaned up, kissed some more, then talked about what horrible people we were before kissing again and I left. Then I texted Max to see what she was up to, as I drove home to my husband.


April 2, 2014

On Friday I told Max that if Jason didn’t text that day, I’d know for sure it was just a booty call and never see him again. Over the weekend I came up with exactly what I would say to him when he texted again and sent it to Max for approval and safekeeping. I didn’t hear from him again until Wednesday, in the middle of a very bad day.

Ben and I had made a $5,000 order from my old work before I quit and had scheduled to have it delivered on this day and I was going to go on my lunch to pay for it. My car wouldn’t start, so Ben was on his way to look at it. Jason called me, but I didn’t answer. I texted Max to tell her, waited a few minutes, then texted that I saw he called. Max sent me the text to send him, but we both got into what a terrible day it was, so I didn’t feel right in sending it, so we just stopped texting after arguing who was having a worse day.

I found out that Eddie was the one that delivered our purchase to Ben and that sadistic thing inside me that enjoys all of this was thrilled. I stopped by the store after work to pay for it and made my first the department Eddie worked in. I gave him a hug and we discussed the delivery. I started to walk away and he said I was one to talk, with this “I have a secret” look on his face. He had a customer, but I said “what do you mean?” He gave me this look and said “I know.” I said “know what?” He was walking away with another guy and said I deleted your number, text me here after while. I told him I’d deleted his too, so he quickly gave me it.

I went upstairs and talked to Max for a few, paid for my purchase, then slipped back downstairs before leaving. I had texted him, but he hadn’t replied because he’d been busy with customers. I pulled him aside and asked what he was talking about. He said I had no room to talk cause he knew about Jason. He said I’d called him a piece of shit in the last conversation we’d had, but then I went and had sex with Jason. I said I hadn’t called him that. He said no, he called himself one and I’d agreed. I said “yes, but I said we both were.”

He was going into a back room to get something for a customer and I was trying to run to keep up with him in a skirt and high heels. We get back there and I asked if Max had told him. He said yeah, but not in a bad way. I said yeah, I hadn’t heard from him in months & didn’t know how to say no when I did, but that he’d called me today and I did say no. He said “I just wanna know when it’s my turn” I said “I thought you didn’t want it anymore?” He said “yeah, that was a damn lie.” I grinned and said “just say the word baby doll. Look, I’m even wearing a skirt today” (that’s his fantasy is fucking me with a skirt on). He said “yeah, I noticed. You could have at least shown me” I told him I was wearing tights, but did flash him my boobs and kissed his cheek before I left. I texted him as I left to keep my number.

I really didn’t want Eddie. He was a good kisser and had an amazing tongue, but a tiny penis and always reeked of either cigarettes or pot. I only slept with him at all because of that sadistic thing inside me that enjoys taking things that don’t belong to me, especially from the people closest to me. I get off on the secret. The looking my best friend/husband/whoever in the eye, knowing I’d just fucked their man/another man. It’s what turns me on the most, and I still don’t know/understand why.

Continued on April 3.


March 27, 2014

It had been almost four months since I’d heard a word from Jason. I caused myself to believe I’d never hear from him again, and I was ok with that. My life had been going really well. I’d had a couple of “moments” since him (a couple passionate kisses with a guy I’ve loved since I was 14, but never went much further than that), but for the most part I’d been a pretty good girl. Eddie and I had decided it best to delete each other’s number for the sake of Max. I was happy in life.

Then as I was in the middle of talking (texting) orgasms with Max, I got a text from an unsaved number. “Hey it’s Jason. I just got a phone back you didn’t forget about me did you?” I was knocked off my ass. I told Max and she asked what he wanted and told me whatever I did, NOT to go see him. I didn’t listen. I wanted to. I wanted to be strong enough to say no, but the curiosity of whether I’d still feel something when I saw him was just too much.

I got to his place and we said hello as I came in. We sat down on the couch for literally 10 seconds before we were all over each other. We leaned into each other kissing for several moments, then I climbed on top of him and we continued kissing. I was wearing a dress and debated whether to wear my panties in or not, but they were really cute so I did. I shouldn’t have bothered because he never even saw them as he pulled them off me. I kept the dress on for awhile as we were grinding against each other, but it was an expensive (dry clean only) dress and I didn’t want to ruin it, so finally I pulled it off and pulled off his clothes. I slid him inside me while I was still straddling him and we continued kissing as we fucked.

After a minute, he unhooked my bra and started kissing my breasts. We continued in that position for quite some time and then he moved me onto the couch and he got on top. After a little while, he sat me up and (knowing what he was thinking) I sucked him (straight from him being in me) for a couple minutes. Suddenly he stopped me and gently pushed me back. He fucked me hard for another minute or two before pulling out and cumming on my belly.

After cleaning up we sat n talked for awhile. He threw his sweats on and I just had my bra and panties on. We caught up on life for a little, then I walked into the bathroom to put my dress back on. The light wouldn’t stay on and he kept trying to turn it back on for me. Finally I gave up and said you’ll just have to tell me if I look terrible. He asked if it went out again and I said yeah. He walked to the door and said “and you could never look terrible”. I looked at him, grinning and said “good answer”.

We visited for a little longer and Max texted. I told Jason she would be upset with me and he asked why. I told him she knew how much it hurt me when he vanished last time. He said “I didn’t vanish! I just didn’t have a phone.” I said “jason…last time I saw you was like January 4th. You vanished.” He promised it wouldn’t be that long again and I kissed him goodbye.

I left and told Max about it as I drove back to work. I felt like shit because I hadn’t had extramarital sex since November and I was happy about it, then here I was back at square 1. She talked me down, but I knew she was disappointed. I hoped she wouldn’t tell Eddie because I knew it would cause issues.


November 29, 2013 – part three

I told Drew that my coworker hadn’t left for lunch yet and that I’d be in the office alone when she did. We debated him coming there, but both decided against it. He wanted me to see him after work, but I told him I’d already said I was coming straight home. He said, well then, I’ll just have to meet you along the way.

What started out as a joking conversation turned into an actual plan to meet. I realized I had to leave early to drop a package off for work, so I’d end up actually having enough time to quickly meet him without causing suspicion. We picked he place and time and met there.

It was the parking lot of a church right off the main road. The parking lot dipped down below the road though, so that although we could see the cars passing, they really couldn’t see us unless they were specifically looking. I got into his truck and climbed into his lap. He tried to small talk between kisses but I just kept kissing.

He said “how long do you have?” and I said “not very”. He laughed and I directed him where I wanted him in the truck. He kissed my breast (the same one Jason did, in fact…the right breast got no love!) and I sucked his cock. Then I climbed on top of him (he was laying across the whole seat). After getting my knee off the seatbelt, we made it work the best we could. It felt good.

He’s almost as long as Jason, but thicker, so any time either of them are inside me I can actually feel them. Then he said he was going to cum so I pulled off of him. He said where am I supposed to put it? I said idc I’m off you so it won’t get in me. He said yeah, but it’ll get on me! I rolled my eyes and he said “AHHHH I can’t hold it anymore” and stroked it out.

He’s one of those types that doesn’t want anything to do with cum once it leaves his body, and it drives me nuts. So I just giggled as we got cleaned up. Then we chatted for a couple minutes as we got dressed. I said “I’ll see ya” as I opened the door and he asked when. I shrugged and said whenever, leaned back across the seat to kiss him and left. I really don’t have any feelings left for him.

When I got home, I tried to be affectionate to Ben. He was in a bad mood, but once we got the kids to bed, I persisted until he got into it. We had a good time (still no orgasms for me though…the only one I had all day was with my toy before I went to see Jason!) but he asked what brought this on as we were cleaning up. I rolled my eyes and said can you just enjoy it and stop questioning it?


November 29, 2013..part two

Friday morning was busy. Ben kept calling me, my sister was calling me, and Max and my Sil were texting me. I got to work and got busy. I had already determined I wasn’t going to see Drew. That was even if he texted at all.

Just after ten, Drew texted. I waited about 15 minutes to reply, since I was debating if I would reply at all. Then I just kept it casual. At 10:42, 2 very important things happened. Drew asked what I was going to do today, and my phone rang. The caller I’d said it was Jenn (I had all of the numbers for Jason and Jenn saved as Jenn). I debated answering it, but finally did. It was Jason….

I asked how he was doing and we talked for just a couple minutes. Talked about him getting laid off, and how I almost didn’t answer cause I thought it was her. He said that she was at work and would be till three. My lunch was at 11:30. I asked if he wanted company and he said he did.

I hung up and texted Drew that I wanted to see him, but that Ben needed me to do something on my lunch. He was truly disappointed and kept trying to come up with another time that day to see me. I said we’d talk later and got ready to go see Jason.

When I got to his house, he was waiting at the door. I walked in and after an extremely quick hello, he practically pounced. The passion ignited and everything started coming off quickly. My coat, purse and boots got dropped at the door as he dead bolted it. He leaned me against the top of the love seat and whispered “did ya miss me?” I groaned yes and he maneuvered me to the couch as my sweater came off. I had a bra and tank top on under it and he yanked the straps of it down on one side revealing my breast. He took it hungrily in his mouth as I moaned softly. He started trying to work my slacks and I helped him, then sat down beside him in my panties and tank top.

We kissed for another moment before he pushed me back on the couch, sliding my panties off and going down on me. I had used my toy before I left work in order to get me a little more sensitive and it helped a little. Then he started to wipe his mouth and I grabbed him into another hungry kiss. I pulled his sweatshirt and tee off and kissed down his body as I pulled down his pants. I took him in my mouth for a few moments, then started kissing back up his body.
He pushed me back against the couch and slid inside of me. I wrapped my one leg around him and the other against the top of the couch so he could get as deep inside me as he pleased. He started out fast and hard, then slowed to a stop to keep himself calm as we kissed. It moved into slow and passionate as he tried to keep control of himself. He stayed fully inside of me, but barely moving as we just melded mind and body together.

Finally I tightened my grip with my leg and pulled my tank top further off my belly indicating him to finish. He started to thrust deeply again and got about three strokes in before saying “oh god I’m gonna cum” I nodded, loosening my grip with my leg, and he pulled out to cum on my belly.

We cleaned up and he got dressed. I pulled up my tank top and put on my panties, but then sat beside him like that for a few minutes, with my leg draped over his. We talked, I got dressed, we talked some more. And more, until he asked if I knew what time it was. I reluctantly said yes. We kissed goodbye and he promised to get ahold of me next time he was home alone like this.

I went back to work and texted Drew.
To be continued…..


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